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About Us

QS4QS primarily connects Quantity Surveyors around the world. Our website helps Quantity Surveyors to find jobs around the world. At present, 27000 Quantity Surveyors are being benefited from us.

We also successfully guide RICS APC candidates to complete the RICS APC assessment and reach the Chartered Membership from RICS UK.

We take responsibility for sharing wisdom and knowledge through our personalized training programmes, helping Quantity Surveyors to reach the pinnacle of their lives by developing their personal & professional development. Our world-class training will significantly enhance career advancement so that one can end up with a higher salary and get more job opportunities.

We assist companies to hire skillful quantity surveyors all over the world. We also deliver the Quantity Surveying Services directly to the clients on their needs.

Our Vision

UNITE all the Quantity Surveyors under one forum and create long-lasting connectivity among them.

Our Goals

Filling Gaps

Filling the knowledge & skill gap of Quantity Surveyors as per the present industrial requirements.

Building QS

Building the personal & career development of Quantity Surveyors.

Job Opportunities

Providing freelancing opportunities to reduce the unemployment among Quantity Surveyors.

Building RICS Candidates

Building more RICS APC Candidates to form a strong internal team.