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Welcome to QS4QS

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Connecting the Quantity Surveying World.

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Our Expertise Spans the Following Services
QS Jobs

RICS APC Training

The most innovative RICS APC trainer in the MENA Region

RICS APC Training

QS Training

Expert QS Training for All Professionals

QS4QS Network

QS Networking

Join the largest QS network

QS4QS Business

Consultancy Services

Premium Quality Quantity Surveying Services


Our vision is to unite all Quantity Surveyors under a single forum, creating long-lasting connectivity among them and promoting professional collaboration across the industry.


Our mission is to cultivate highly skilled Quantity Surveyors with a strong sense of ethics and social responsibility by leveraging innovation, research, training, and skills development to benefit the world and humanity.


UNITE all the Quantity Surveyors under one forum and create long-lasting connectivity among them.

Professional Development

We aim to provide industry-oriented training that exceeds the expectations of professional demand within the industry, encompassing practical skills and in-depth industry knowledge, empowering Quantity Surveyors to excel and thrive in their profession.

From Classroom to Career

Our goal is to equip students with the necessary academic qualifications to enter the job market in the field of Quantity Surveying, even if they have little or no prior experience. We ensure that every student who graduates from our program is fully prepared and confident in their ability to find employment and perform well in the industry.

Career Transformation

Helps individuals achieve their career transformation goals by providing personalized guidance and support.

Quantity Surveying Consultant Services

Our goal is to exceed each client's business objectives by providing reliable, efficient, and customised Quantity Surveying services tailored to meet their unique needs.

Quantity Surveying Networking

We aim to connect Quantity Surveyors around the world to unlock potential opportunities and foster networking among them. Our goal is to create a platform for Quantity Surveyors to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas and build a robust community of professionals.