RICS APC Mentoring

RICS APC Mentoring is a sole approach that provides customized training based on the needs of each individual candidate from beginning to end. We will guide you from applying for registration to successfully completing the APC assessment and reaching the Chartered Membership.
RICS APC Mentoring

There are many mentors around the world to guide the RICS APC Process

How/Why QS4QS Differ From Them

Result Oriented

We deliver the results (MRICS).

Unbounded Guidance

We will never stop guiding you until you pass, so we are never bound by the timing of this APC process. But we are only bound by the results!

Individually Focused

We follow up your process continuously and focus on your individual growth.

Lifelong CPDs.

We provide lifelong CPDs.

Lifelong Support

We provide lifelong professional support

Basic to Advanced

We build your knowledge and confident on QS profession from the scratch to expert level, assuming that you know very little about quantity surveying.

Spends 300+ Hours With You

It is impossible for a learner to grab such a vast knowledge within a limited time frame. When it is come to imparting knowledge & building careers. We spend over 300 hours with each student, to build their knowledge. QS4QS never concern about the duration. The exclusive support, we provide to the APC candidates until they get pass (MRICS).

For APC Candidates – If you wish to start your APC Process, please contact us to get your free advice and guidance, which is absolutely free. But we will provide the guideline how to move on your APC.

For Assoc Candidates – You must consult QS4QS before you step into this process.

Contact us to join the programme