Diploma in Contracts Management


This unique structured training programme aimed to build construction contracts practitioner and non-contracts practitioner from the basic level to the esteemed level. This programme drives into depth to;

      • Build your knowledge and skills on Contract Management to manage your contracts effectively and efficiently
      • Develop Best Contract Management practices
      • Contract Negotiation techniques and strategies
      • Learn to manage the real time contractual issues related to payments, variations, suspension and termination
      • Dispute resolution and Conflict avoidance.

Duration – 4 Months.

Most Beneficial For

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Benefits of the Programme

Premium Membership benefits of QS4QS

Employer Referral Support

Unlock Better Opportunities and Salary Hikes

To grow faster in your Professional Life

To gain best professional practice

To succeed a Professional Interview

To achieve the Professional Memberships

Foundation for RICS APC

Gain required CPD hours for RICS APC

Learning Outcomes

  • Contracts Management
    • Introduction of all FIDIC forms
    • Introduction of Construction Law
    • Law of Contract
    • Type of Contract
      • Lump Sum Contract
      • Measure & Value Contract
      • Cost reimbursement Contract
    • Forms of Contract
      • Element of Contract
      • Standard form of Contract
      • Advantage of Standard form of Contract
      • Why amend Standard form of Contract
      • How to choose suitable Standard form of Contract – Case Study
  • Construction Variations
    • Introduction to Variation
    • Identifying Variations
    • Change Control Management
    • Importance of Variation Clause in a Contract
    • Variation Process under FIDIC 1999 Red Book
    • Right to Vary
    • Change Control Forms
    • Engineer’s Instruction
    • Variation Procedure
    • Value Engineering and Value Management
    • Provisional Sums / Prime Cost Sums
    • Daywork
    • Contractual Entitlement for a Variation
    • Notifying Variations
    • Checking Validity of Variations
    • Valuation of Variations
    • Omissions
  • Suspension and Termination
    • Suspension by Contractor
    • Suspension by Employer
    • Termination by Contractor
    • Termination by Employer
    • Payment after Termination
      • Payment after Termination by Contractor
      • Payment after Termination by Employer
  • Construction Payment
    • Payment related issue in the construction industry
    • Type of payment arrangement
    • Cash Flow Forecast – S-Curve
    • Payment Based on FIDIC 1999 RED BOOK
    • Type of Payment Application
    • Interim Payment Application – IPA
    • Progress Reports
    • Application for Interim Payment Certificate
    • FIDIC 1999 IPC Format
      • Value of the Works executed
      • Changes in legislation & changes in cost
      • Base Date
      • Retention
      • Advance Payment
      • Material On site / Off site
      • Sample IPC
      • Performance Bond/Security
      • Performance Certificate
    • Interim Payment Certification
      • Issue of Interim Payment Certificate
      • Payment by Employer
      • Holding the Contractor’s Payment
      • Deal with Delay Payments
    • Statement at Completion
    • Final Account
      • Discharge Letter
      • Issue of Final Payment Certificate
      • Release of retention
      • Release of Performance Guarantee
  • Dispute Resolution
    • Dispute management procedures in FIDIC 1999 & 2017 forms
    • Typical situations in dispute management