Advanced Quantity Surveying Practice and Contracts Management (AQS & CM)

Introduction to

AQS & CM is an experience-sharing programme aimed to build Quantity Surveyors’ professional experience from the basic level to the esteemed level. This programme is suitable for fresh graduates, junior QS, intermediate level QS & RICS APC candidates. This programme will cover most aspects of Quantity Surveying including pre-contract management and post-contract management.

Duration – 4 Months.

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Benefits of the Programme

Premium Membership benefits of QS4QS

Employer Referral Support

Unlock Better Opportunities and Salary Hikes

To grow faster in your Professional Life

To gain best professional practice

To succeed a Professional Interview

To achieve the Professional Memberships

Foundation for RICS APC

Gain required CPD hours for RICS APC

Learning Outcomes

Pre Contract Management

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Introduction to Principle of Measurement
  • Types of Contract
    • Lump Sum Contract
    • Measure & Value Contract
    • Cost reimbursement Contract
  • Form of Contract
    • Element of Contract
    • Standard form of Contract
    • Advantage of Standard form of Contract
    • Why amend Standard form of Contract
    • How to choose suitable Standard form of Contract – Case Study
  • Procurement Routes
    • Criteria for consideration to choose suitable procurement route
    • Type of Procurement Route
  • Tendering
    • Purpose of Tender
    • Types of Tender and Tendering Procedure
    • How to select suitable type of tender for a Project – Case Study
    • Reasons for robust tendering strategies
    • Preparing Tender documents
    • Tender Floating
    • Collecting Tender Documents
    • Tender Receipt and Tender Evaluation
    • Tender Negotiation
    • Tender Report
    • Prepare Contract Documents and Award of the Contract
    • Tendering – Make it Success / Pre-contract Conflict Avoidance
    • E-Tendering
  • Contract Award

Post Contract Management

  • Payments
    • Types of Payments
    • Interim Payment Application
      • Value of the Works executed
      • Changes in legislation and changes in cost
      • Deduction/Release of Retention
        • Retention Bond
      • Advance payment and repayments
        • Advanced Payment Guarantee
        • Issuance of Advance Payment Certificate
        • Repayment of Advance Payment
      • Plant and Materials
        • Material On-site
        • Material Off-site
    • Interim Payment Certification
      • Issue of Interim Payment Certificate
      • Holding the Contractor’s Payment
      • Deal with Delay Payments
    • Statement at Completion
    • Final Account
      • Discharge Letter
      • Issue of Final Payment Certificate
    • Performance Bond
    • Defect Notification Period Vs Maintenance Period
  • Variations
    • Identifying Variations
    • Change Control Management
    • Contractual Entitlement of the Variation
    • Notifying Variation
    • Checking Validity of Variations
    • Value Engineering
    • Provisional Sum

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