Construction Claim Expert

Introduction to CCE

Construction Claim Expert is a complete training programme to understand construction related claims, prepare & win the claim while avoiding disputes between parties. This programme will cover almost all type of claims in the construction industry and giving full guidance to write a notice of claim, prepare high standard claim narration along with unchallengeable contemporary records.

Duration: 4 Months (subject to change)

Weekly 3 Hours (subject to change)


In each Level of Construction Claim Expert Programme, candidates need to pass the assessments which includes Case study, Written test and MCQ.

This programme is Suitable for

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Benefits of the Programme

You will be a Master in Claims

You will be able to work as Claim consultant or Claim Manager

On demand appointment by QS4QS to act as Claim Consultant*

You will be a part of Claim Expert Team of QS4QS

Premium Membership benefits of QS4QS

Employer Job Referral Support

Brief Syllabus of CCE

Types of claims

Contractual Entitlement of a Claim

Main Causes of Claims

Identify claim related clauses within the contract

How to draft claim notice

How to draft claim narrative/heads of claim

Types of Delays

Delay Analysis

Disruption Analysis

How to substantiate the claim

Parts / Elements of claim

Claims Procedure

Dispute Resolution

Construction Claim Expert Programme consist three modules